Maximizing Your Winning Chances Playing Slots

grandmondial-screenshot1-1There are going to be plenty of ways that you can always increase your winning chances when you play slot games online and half of the battle is knowing which slot games to play at the right time! That of course is mainly down to luck and luck alone however there are one or two tools available to you from certain gaming sites.

Take for example the range of Microgaming slot games, whenever you log into one of their casino sites you will be able to see just how hot or cold their slots are in regards to how much they have paid out recently by the jackpot thermometer attached to each slot.

By looking through the entire list of slots you will be able to see if the slot has paid out its jackpots recently or if the slot is overdue to payout those jackpots. You can then make something of a more informed choice in regards to just which slots to play by selecting the hot slots which are paying out of the cold slots which have not yet paid out their respective jackpots.

There is another way that you can play slot games online instead of playing them in the usual way and on your own, you could take part in one of the many daily slot tournaments that are held at both bingo sites and online casino sites.

When you play in a slot tournament for you to have more chances of winning be prepared to play at the quieter times when there are less people involved in the tournaments. Also be prepared to use the re-buy options and also the add-on options to give you even more chances of getting a high cash paying score.

The Double Bubble slot is one of the best games you can play and if you have never played online slot games before then make sure you test that slot out, for when you do you will find it has a very unique playing structure that not many other slot games have attached to them!

When a set of reel symbols spin in surrounded by a bubble they drop down onto a special additional pay lines and that payline will award a multiplier to boost winning payouts that have been formed on it, and that multiplier can be as high as x22!

We are often asked is it possible to play online slot games without the need to have to download any software onto your computer, and the simple answer to that question is yes of course you can, all you need to do is to find a site offering instant play casino games.

If you sing up for example to any bingo site that uses the Gamesys bingo platform, then not only can you play lots of bingo games and casino games but you will have access to dozens of different isn’t play slot games too!

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