Using Auto Play on Slot Games

autoWhen you are playing online slot games you will often find that on the playing panel of the slot there is a button with the word auto play written on it, and it will probably not surprise you to learn that when you click on that button you will be able to configure the slot to play itself automatically.

However, one thing you do need to keep in mind there are always going to be a lot of additional options available to you when you choose to set the slot playing via the auto play button.

You will not only be limited in regards to the number of spins you can play off via that setting nor just the number of coins and the coin values you will have in place on those free spins.

The auto play settings on most online slot games will also let you set it to stop working and cut out when for example a jackpot has been won or whenever a bonus game has been triggered, so do give the auto play button a click when you see it on a slot to discover what else it will offer you, as you may find some of the options very handy to use!

If you live in the UK and you choose to play slot games at any online bingo or online casino site that is fully licensed and fully regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, then you need to be aware that you will only be able to play 25 free spins at a time via the auto play setting.

Whilst players from other countries often have no restrictions in place in regards to just how many spins you can play off using the auto play, the UK Gambling Commissions rules of licensing dictate that the maximum number of spins must be no more than 25 when auto play is engaged!

Why not track down the Double Bubble slot game online and give it any amount of play time via the free play options available at all sites that have it available, for it is one of the most entertaining and higher paying slots you are likely to find online.

That slot does boast the auto play feature and as such you can play about with the auto play settings then sit back and watch as the slot does all of the hard work for you, well if slot playing can ever be described as hard work that is!

There are lots of slots which you are going to be able to set them into play using the auto play feature and it is not only at online casino sites where you will find those types of slot games, as many online bingo sites have a plethora of highly configurable slot games on offer.

Take a look around the web for bingo sites that are operating on the Gamesys bingo platform for when it comes to you being able to play some of the most advanced slot games online then those bingo sites will have more than enough slots to keep you busy for hours!

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